JUNE / JULY 2017

Access Your Account by Phone

Get 24-hour access to your account information, using our automated phone service! Call us at 425-783-1000 to obtain the following information:

  • Total Amount Owed
  • Past Due Balance (if any)
  • Current Charges and Due Date
  • Last Payment Amount and Date Received
  • Invoice Due Date Extension (for eligible customers)

To access your account we’ll need verification of either your phone and house number or your account and house number.

You can also make a payment by phone (or you can call our payment processing service toll-free at 888-909-4628).

Summer Events Ahead

Look for us at the following fairs & festivals this season:

  • Arlington Street Fair, July 7-9
  • Snohomish Kla Ha Ya Days, July 15
  • Lake Stevens AquaFest, July 28-30
  • Stanwood/Camano Fair, Aug. 4-6
  • Taste of Edmonds, Aug. 11-13
  • Evergreen State Fair, Aug. 24 - Sept. 4

Energy Challenge Tip:
To Save Money, Become a Fan of Fans!

The summer is here and that means it’s time to find creative ways to stay cool. One of the easiest ways to keep costs down and stay cool is installing an ENERGY STAR ceiling fan. A ceiling fan can make you feel 6 degrees cooler and save energy over using an air conditioning system. If you have an air conditioning unit, a ceiling fan can make it more efficient and eliminate the need to use one on all but the hottest days. For more tips on how to stay cool, check out our website.

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Microgrids are Big News

As the power grid continues to modernize, microgrids are quickly becoming one of the most fascinating energy technologies being built by utilities. A microgrid is a stable, operable mix of power sources like solar or wind and distribution resources sufficient to power a given area. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Princeton University’s microgrid, powered by solar panels and a gas-turbine generator, allowed the university to disconnect from the damaged grid and generate all of its own power. The university was seen as “a place of refuge” for first responders and other emergency service workers. Snohomish PUD is currently in the planning stages of building a microgrid near its future Arlington office.