JUNE / JULY 2018

Report Outages Online

As part of improvements to the PUD’s online outage map, there’s now a new form for customers to easily report outages from a computer, tablet or smart phone. Customers will just need their name, phone number and address. You’ll also notice changes to the look and feel of the map, along with better data displays. Check it out at our website – or with a smart phone.

Water Wisely

Be smart with water this summer. The PUD recommends you only water your lawn every third day. Lawns only need 1-inch of water weekly, including rainfall. Aerate you lawn to relieve soil compaction and encourage better water penetration. For planting areas and around shrubs, use mulch, which helps retain moisture. For other tips, and a summer watering calendar, visit our website.

Easy Way to Help the Environment

PUD customers can now enroll in the PUD’s new Carbon Solutions program, which supports wind and solar energy projects in Washington, Idaho and other western states. It’s another way for you to support regional renewable energy development. Customers can participate for as little as $4.50 per month. For more information, visit our website.