Saving Energy During the Holidays

There are three basic ways to save energy during this time:

  • Lighting - Use LED holiday lighting because it uses a fraction of the energy that traditional C7 bulbs use to produce the same amount of cheery lighting

  • Cooking - Use a microwave to reheat leftovers, which can use up to 80% less energy than the oven. Covered pots and pans also cook more efficiently and keep the kitchen cooler. And sizing pots to the burner can make a difference: A six-inch pot on an eight-inch burner wastes over 40% of the burner's heat.

  • Heating - During the colder winter months, there are several things you can do to help lower your heating costs. Keep your heat at 68 degrees when you are awake and at home and at 55 degrees when you are away or asleep. Shut doors to rooms you don’t use to avoid wasting energy to heat them. Clean your heating system filters every two months to keep your system running efficiently.